Saxoline Icons

Saxoline  makes printed Hard Luggage since 30 years and was the first ever in the world to do so. That is why until today Saxoline is the brand offering the most different prints and remains a leader in this market segment. Some people think luggage must be dull or black. Luggage is made for traveling and traveling is meant to be fun. Saxoline is fun. Some of the Saxoline prints have set trends and have been copied even by big luggage manufacturers, Some  as Bulldog Owls, and Iconic have become Icons and have to be produced over and over again because they were that inspiring. Feel inspired and use a recognizable Saxoline luggage. Icons may from time to time be out of stock, but as, and reserve your case out of the next production. Do you have your own Idea...for a print...let us know we may produce it if is original and reward you.