Sofymart is a branch of Brington Industries Inc. that has become an important player in the worldwide luggage and casual bags industry and is currently increasing its market presence throughout the world via its own subsidiaries in GERMANY, BENELUX, SPAIN. All services are supported by the teams at our HONG KONG based head office.

Sofymart plays a leading role within the sector. Its creativity and ability to adapt to different markets enables the company to offer its customers a practical, profitable and modern product tailored to all their needs.

Sofymart's creative, commercial and marketing departments are all multicultural, their tasks being to observe and analyse developments in society with a better view to enabling prediction of FUTURE MARKET trends. Ideas developed by these departments are brought to life in the form of prototypes by the engineering department and catalogued according to product type. It is this combination of the factors, creation and innovation, that has earned Brington Industries Inc. the dynamic image that characterises the company today.